The National Police takes the detainee in the police car.
The National Police takes a detainee in a police car.

The Malaga Prosecutor’s Office has requested a sentence of 17 years in prison for each of the two men whom it accuses of a shooting with a rifle that occurred after a road chase at the height of the Malaga town of Manilva, in order to end a person’s life with which they had previous confrontations.

The events took place in November 2018. The defendants were in a vehicle owned by the partner of one of them. Both, according to the initial brief of the public prosecution, to which Europa Press has had access, “They had quarrels and confrontations with the injured party”, who had “been threatened on previous occasions.”

“He was shot several times”

According to the prosecution, they allegedly intercepted the victim in his car, at the height of an urbanization, and after a short chase in which both cars collided with each other, the defendants got out of the vehicle and, allegedly “shot several times”. Thus, apparently, they used a kalashnikov-type rifle and a pistol-type short weapon; «Shots that as they were carried out over a long distance, they did not impact or cause injuries to the victim. “, says the prosecutor; after which they fled the place.

The victim was assisted by what happened in a medical center. For these facts, the Public Ministry accuses both men for a crime of attempted murder and also for illegal possession of firearms, since, as indicated, there is no evidence that any of them have a license for the ones supposedly used by them.

For the first offense, the Prosecutor’s Office requests that each one be sentenced to nine years in prison and for the second, eight years in prison, thus requesting a total of 17 years in prison. The trial is scheduled to take place at the Malaga Court in November.

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