The Malaga Prosecutor’s Office has maintained the accusation on a woman for a arson crime considering his responsibility in the fire that burned more than 500 hectares of land in a place in Estepona in 2009. Thus, the prosecutor continues to ask for a sentence of two years in prison.

The trial took place this week in the Criminal Court number 5 of Malaga. The defendant has maintained his innocence, noting that the fire did not start on his farm; while the experts have confirmed that it did occur inside and the witnesses have confirmed that they did not see more people in the area, according to judicial sources.

The events occurred on September 9, 2009 in the Los Pedregales area, when the defendant, “with the intention of removing the litter and vegetation” from the adjoining farm, as well as from the public forest, next to her plot, proceeded to “set fire without having requested a license to do so,” says the prosecutor’s office.

Also, he made this action “without any perimeter firewall”, in addition to “without having taken any action” and “without foreseeing that it could spread beyond a few meters”. Specifically, the document of the public accusation, to which Europa Press has had access, indicates that the fire affected 524 hectares.

The fire occurred in a time of high danger and it was extended to parcels of the municipality of Casares (Málaga), being necessary for its extinction technical means, both terrestrial and aerial, and human, initially assessing the expenses and damages at 1.2 million euros.

For these facts, the Prosecutor’s Office accuses the woman of a forest fire crime by recklessness, requesting that he be sentenced to two years in prison, with the application of the circumstance that mitigates the sentence of depressive disorder, which slightly affected his mental faculties.

Likewise, it is urged that ordered to pay a fine of 3,000 euros and to indemnify the Junta de Andalucía and the City Council for the expenses, as well as those affected as confirmed in the execution of the sentence.

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