Marbella Town Hall has undertaken the comprehensive remodeling of José Echegaray street to give this road a more modern and sustainable image and respond to the demands of the residents of El Ingenio, an action that has a budget of 1.8 million euros, as reported this Thursday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz .

This has been highlighted by the councilor, who has visited today together with the deputy mayor of San Pedro Alcántara, Javier García, the first phase of the proceedings, within a “complete intervention” with funds provided by Hidralia, and which contemplates the renovation of sanitation and supply, the expansion of the sidewalk and the creation of a single platform and the installation of lighting with LED technology, among other works.

Muñoz stressed that “it is one of the older and more traditional neighborhoods that we are renewing as part of a project that we are carrying out in harmony with the neighborhood association of the area and whose first phase, which goes up to Julio Romero de Torres, is scheduled to end next April to execute the next one, which lasts until Lyon street and with an estimated conclusion in summer.

The first mayor has indicated that “among the problems in this area was the fact that there were sidewalks of 80 centimeters, which become 1.80 metersand others between 1.50 and 1.80 meters that will be extended to 3.50”.

“This improvement is going to be very important both for facilitate the mobility of pedestrians as well as to revitalize the businesses in the area”, he stressed, while highlighting the fact that “it will have a unique platform, which will be very modern, in an enclave, moreover, located next to the underground”.

The mayoress highlighted the development of the works, which have a budget of 1.8 million euros and that will involve a restructuring of 4,000 square meters of surface.

For her part, Paula Martín-Lomeña, head of sanitation at Hidralia in Marbella, He added that this work “is very important due to the change, especially in infrastructures, providing it with a separative network for rainwater and sewage and eliminating the problems of flooding and seepage to the neighbors that were caused in the rainy season with the unitary network”.

“We took advantage of the performance to carry out improvements in supply, removing fiber cementcarrying out pipes and enabling sufficient water pressure, while including the provision and improvement of electricity, and telephony and compliance with accessibility regulations with a single platform and the beautification and ornamentation of the entire street “, has explained.

“We try to carry out interventions interfering as little as possible in the daily life of the neighbors,” he assured. Finally, the treasurer of the Neighborhood Association Julio Romero de TorresMatías López, has expressed his satisfaction with some interventions “that we needed and that are going to revitalize this area quite a bit.”

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