A Civil Guard active has created the ‘Marbellera platform against corruption’, an initiative in which more than a hundred people participate and that was born with the aim of “defending the city” and “knowing the content of the summary” of the case of the husband of the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, according to its founder and spokesman, Antonio Martín.

The group has seen the light after “the lifting of the summary secrecy” of the case being investigated by the National High Court (AN) against a plot for alleged crimes of “criminal organization” or “money laundering” derivatives of drug traffickingin which both the spouse and a stepson of the councilor are prosecuted, according to the indictment.

Martín has indicated that the objective of the platform is “to defend the city”, “to clarify the facts and to know the content of the summary in order to study it and know if the City Council, the councilors or other workers have put their hand in the box” supposedly. “We do not want the good name of Marbella to be stained any more, The Benemérita agent has declared, who has advanced that he will altruistically and at a private level put his “knowledge” of 30 years of career dedicated to “investigation” as “first corporal of the Judicial Police.”

As indicated, the initiative was created “4 or 5 days ago” in the heat of the “rain of information” about the cause, ensuring that “a large group of outraged neighbors participate” that exceeds a hundred. Thus, he has pointed out that the group asks “to send the full content of the court proceedingsthe summary”, clarifying that “we cannot judge or point the finger at anyone”, so “if the mayor and the City Council have nothing to hide, let them make it available”.

On the other hand, it has disconnected the platform with any political formationemphasizing that “because of my status as a civil guard, I cannot belong to any political party”, while noting that it is made up of “outraged neighbors who want to know the truth.”

Martín declares himself an “activist” since 2010 for “human rights” and since 2020 he has led the “National Platform for Roma Rights”, for which he has advanced that the new group he represents contemplates taking “convenient legal actions” or social such as demonstrations or concentrations ” if they do not offer us this summary”.

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