The workers of the Marbella Leisure Residence They have concentrated this Friday in the Territorial Delegation of Employment of the Junta de Andalucía in Malaga, where they have requested investment to recover the tourist facilities, as reported by the general secretary of the Federation of Services to the Citizens of Workers Commissions (CCOO), Immaculate Gonzalez.

The trade unionist stressed that the call was held to “continue to demand that the Delegation put a solution to the conflict that the compañeros and compañeras have been maintaining for some months”. Thus, she explained that “a few years ago, the Administration reduced opening periods” of the facilities, for which “the staff demands that they be recovered” and “invest in the Leisure Time Residence”.

González has requested investment to give “a nNew format to those installations to optimize them and that they can have an annual opening”, with the objective that the workers of the tourist space have a quality contract throughout the year.

On the other hand, the general secretary of the CCOO Citizen Services Federation has pointed out that “investment in spaces is not only intended to provide security to colleagues who work”, a situation that has been recalled that has reported to the Inspectorate before “some deficiencies of the facilities”.

In this sense, it has specified that the petition “also has as its object that they reopen some spaces that are closed because they do not even maintain the minimum conditions so that they can be open to users”.

“We want to be invested in the recovery of the Leisure Time Residence in Marbella and that the functions that can be given be optimized”, betting on “another vision and that these spaces can be used in non-holiday periods and thus have a stable workforce with decent working conditions”.

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