The political parties Izquierda Unida (IU) and Impulsa Ciudad have denounced a new felling of trees on El Trapiche avenue in Marbellawhere the City Council is undertaking a work of comprehensive remodeling of the road.

The local coordinator of IU, Victoria Morales, has accused the local government of the PP of “hide behind a new remodel to undertake a indiscriminate felling of large trees that provided shade for these hot months and that were part of the landscape of the area, in addition to being fully integrated into the image of the garden city of Marbella”.

“All under the pretext and insensitivity of the mayor and her government team, which compares the existence of urban trees with the useful life of sidewalks, and they do not consider the green mass as living beings and ignore biodiversityd that lives in it. Quite the contrary, they consider it a major problem of planned obsolescence, as if they were machines”, he criticized.

Morales understands that “one cannot boast of planting sculpture-like trees from other continents in roundabouts after unnecessary renovations and at the same time remove large trees It is part of the urban landscape.

For its part, from Impulsa Ciudad they have released a video on social networks in which they lament the “logging” recorded last Wednesday on El Trapiche avenue, criticizing that with the same “all the life that harbors or all the benefits” of these species is killed, alluding to a “Parks and Gardens report on the ordinance regulating the use and protection of green areas and trees” that according to the training is “negative” to municipal action.

In this sense, they have pointed out that according to the document “of the 77 trees there are 54 that must be maintained, that they are fine and that you should not touch them”, emphasizing that the Works Delegation has requested “a new report to an external consultant” to “give the go-ahead for all these trees to be cut down”.

As reported by the City Council on July 6, a expansion of the sidewalk between Cortijo and Miraflores streets allocating more space to the pedestrian, since “they were very narrow roads with very old trees that had caused damage to some pipes and it was necessary to act to adapt the space to what the 2030 Agenda marks,” said the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

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