The Andalusian Medical Union (SMA) has denounced this Friday that the The health system of the Costa del Sol is “overwhelmed”, for what it requires solutions to the Administration to address the healthcare overload that occurs in August with the increase in population and the influx of tourists.

The group has highlighted that during the month of August the health facilities suffer a series of shortages as a result of the vacation period and rest of the staff, as well as of increase in center usersassuring that “our Costa del Sol is filled with national and foreign tourists, breathing fresh air into the battered coffers of workers who live from tourism, but coins have two sides.”

In this way, from the union they have indicated that “the The health system on the Costa del Sol is truly overwhelmed, and the worst thing is that a large part of the staff can no longer do it”. This is due, according to the group, to the conjunction of “multiple factors” such as “the vacations that our professionals should and should enjoy in shiftsexcused absences due to sick leave and sick leave” or “the disaster of not finding medical professionals to hire”.

To this they have added “the lack of foresight and organization that we have enjoyed for so many years, the lack of well-equipped health infrastructure Unfortunately, the Fuengirola-Mijas Basic Health Zone stands out with a high score”.

In addition, the SMA has made a “special mention” to the “Primary Care Emergency Service (SUAP), the only one available in the entire Basic Health Zone, and which covers the entire municipality of Fuengirola and Mijas, which is physically located in the Las Lagunas health center (Mijas), and that remains in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year”. According to the union, users call this SUAP the “little hospital” because it is the only thing available between the Marbella hospital and the Clinical hospital, which currently also has the Benalmádena CHARE, reaching “overcome some hospitals because it lacks of the services of a hospital center”.

“It’s a outpatient emergency service Primary Care that it cannot replace a CHARE or a hospital, neither in means nor in personnel”, they have added from the SMA, highlighting “the great effort that is being made from our health district to try to avoid all the problems, but we understand that it is not enough”.

Thus, the group has assessed that “the solution cannot be circumscribed solely in trying to maintain with great difficulty and with the enormous effort of health and non-health personnel -carrying out many hours of complementary shifts- same allocations as at other times of the year” on dates whenthe population can double, and even triple at this time and the demand for health care skyrockets”.

“This cannot be handled. huge healthcare overload without increasing and reinforcing staff”, they have indicated, which “conditions the important delay in care, both in the center itself and in the home notices that are accumulating”. This situation is “a magnificent breeding ground for the threats and attacks on professionals to unfortunately increase.”

Regarding the lack of professionals, the union is committed to “prioritize, invest and reorganize scarce human resources which are available. Our professionals are subjected to a great stress with a high level of amotivationonly surpassed by his great interest and dedication to his activity, but we all have a limit”, he clarified.

Therefore, the union asks solutions to the Administration to meet the care overload that occurs in August with the increase in population and the influx of tourists.

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