The CSIF union has registered with the Estepona City Council a request in which they demand that the Mayor comply with the Law and apply the regulations of the Junta de Andalucía regarding the period of two years for the reinstatement of the basic regulatory uniformity. In Estepona, the agents have not had this basic uniformity renewed since 2017, the year in which the last mandatory administrative sheet was processed for the award of the contract.

This is not the first time that the union representation has to resort to public denunciation in the face of the shameful treatment to which, by the Mayor of the PP García Urbano, the agents of the Estepona Local Police Corps are subjected. Matters as sensitive and important as the state of police weapons or the conditions of the municipal cells have been the subject of complaints without them having been heard or addressed.

The delivery of new weapons to personnel without verifying or proving was already the subject of a complaint by CSIF a few years ago, without forgetting the controversy after the hanging of a detainee in municipal arrests where there were no video cameras to monitor the cells. Great indignation created in its day that for three months on the Facebook of the Mayor of Estepona profane comments and insults were allowed against local police officers who, with the approval of the first mayor, were called bastards, among other niceties.

The penultimate demonstration of indifference and lack of respect towards the agents, took place on the occasion of the vaccination against COVID, relegating the Estepona officials to the last place in terms of the dates of inoculation of the vaccines and forcing them to have to travel to Fuengirola or Torremolinos to receive it. While the agents were being ignored, the Mayor was taking steps so that other groups of employees and volunteers who work for the Estepona City Council were vaccinated in our own town and two months before the police.

Contrary to what it might seem, the agents, far from taking a toll on the continuous municipal disparagements, continue to comply with professionalism and dedication with the functions they are entrusted with, supporting a huge workload in times of pandemic and in summer when it is doubled. the population in our town. And this despite having one of the oldest templates, and scarce in terms of population ratio, in all of Andalusia.

The CSIF requires the government team of the Estepona City Council to comply with the Law and with the commitments it signs, and that they immediately proceed to correct these deficiencies that are added to many others already denounced. Otherwise, this union will report these events to the competent authorities, without prejudice to taking any other actions deemed appropriate to ensure the dignity of professionals who take to the streets every day to ensure the well-being and safety of citizens. who live and visit Estepona, while the Mayor, for his propaganda, poses with the Jet Set and the celebrities on duty.

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