The Civil Guard have carried out the so-called Ayog operation developed in Mijaswhere has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking. One person has been arrested and three others have been investigated.

The operation began when the agents learned that several people were carrying out strange movements in the storage rooms located in an urbanization. When moving, the agents verified that one of the storage rooms was open and gave off a strong smell of marijuana. Inside it was a torn vacuum bag containing 6.4 kilograms of marijuana buds.

The investigators, as reported by the Civil Guard in a statement, verified that the storage rooms belonged to a promoter with a single administrator that was in bankruptcy proceedingsa situation that this criminal group took advantage of to provide cover for its crimes, being much more difficult to locate its authors if narcotic substances were intervened inside.

Said administrator asserted his ownership to carry out rental contracts for the properties, knowing that they they were embargoed. As a continuation of the first arrest, the civil guards carried out a reconnaissance for the detection of drugs in the rest of the storage rooms of the urbanization, counting on the support of the Civil Guard Cynological Service, resulting in the discovery of a second storage room that housed 304 kilograms of marijuana buds vacuum packed inside.

As a result of the operation it has been One person arrested and three others under investigation, all of Spanish nationality, for the alleged commission of drug trafficking crimes and belonging to a criminal organization, seizing 311 kilos of marijuana buds. The operation has been carried out by civil guards belonging to the Main Post of Mijas.

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