The National Police has two men arrested in Esteponaaged 31 and 38, for their alleged involvement in the crimes of drug trafficking and counterfeiting. The investigated would be dedicated to the sale of narcotics both from the home of one of them and at home.

In it property registration 45.95 grams of cocaine, 1,068 grams of hashish, 114 grams of marijuana, 2.94 grams of ecstasy and 63.63 grams of boric acid, 4,125 euros in cash, 15 counterfeit 100-euro bills and several scales were seized, among others effects.

According to the researchers, it is dismantled one of the most active drug sales outlets and that more social alarm had generated in recent times in the Costa del Sol municipality.

The operation, carried out by agents attached to the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Estepona Police Station began with information that pointed to the distribution of narcotic substances from a building in the town.

The investigations made it possible to accurately locate the address in question and confirm the illicit activity that was perpetrated from the samea place where a significant volume of people went to acquire drugs, they have indicated from the National Police in a statement.

Thus, the Police identified the person in charge of the house, who had a consort. Both allegedly distributed narcotics in the town of Estepona, on many occasions from a distance through the system known as ‘telecoca’.

Finally, the agents proceeded to search the property of the principal under investigation, ending the operation with two arrests and the seizure of 45.95 grams of cocaine1,068.04 grams of hashish114 grams of dope2.94 grams of ecstasy and 63.63 of boric acid.

In addition, 4,125 euros were seized in installments in bills, 1,500 false euros -in bills of 100-, various precision scales, scissors and effects for cutting substances. The Investigating Court number 5 of Estepona is aware of the facts and the entry into prison of the main suspect has been decreed.

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