The Forward Command Post of the Sierra Bermeja fire, located in the area of ​​the Palacio Exposiciones y Congresos of the Malaga municipality of Estepona, is being dismantled, once the fire has been controlled and work continues to extinguish it.

Thus, as reported by the Andalusian Government, now all the operatives return to their usual positions. The fire, which was declared last Wednesday, has affected some 9,670 hectares from several Malaga municipalities.

The work to fight the Sierra Bermeja fire does not stop. Currently some 200 personnel continue to work in the operation (in shifts of 100 people) by land and eight air means.

This has been explained by the director of the COR of Infoca, Juan Sánchez, while detailing that there are “about two or three weeks of work left, since there are hot spots“It will be hard work but bearable, not what we have suffered this week”, also warning that “the liquidation tasks are going to be long.”

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