The authorities have authorized the eviction of the Montemayor Alto de Benahavís urbanization, which is being carried out at the moment and affects about 50 people, after the extension of the fire declared this morning in the Sierra Bermeja area, whose extinction work is being made difficult due to the force of the wind, as reported from the Emergency Service 112.

Thus, since 112 they have indicated that the evicted “They have been offered the possibility of attending the Benahavís City Hall Assembly Hall in case they need any kind of assistance. “To them are added the more than 300 people who have been evicted this morning from the urbanizations Forest hill and the nucleus of Las Abejeras de Estepona.

The president of the Provincial Firefighters Consortium, Manuel Marmolejo, declared this Thursday that the situation is “a bit complicated”, since “some points are being revived that before it seemed that we had controlled ”and“ there is a tIt is important that from 1:00 p.m. the Westerosi wind will blow strong and that is going to make extinction difficult for us ”.

In this sense, it has indicated that worries “the part of the left front, which is fanning, and the intensity of the wind is becoming stronger, and that makes extinction very difficult ”. “Hopefully with the aerial resources that Infoca has deployed here right now and with the work of the forest firefighters and the Consortium lLet us perimeter the fire well and we can control it as soon as possible ”, he stressed.

The person in charge of the Consortium has indicated that “We are concerned about Jubrique and the Los Reales park “, since” a spotlight is being revived there, with which we are at all points, but what the west component of the wind does is bring the fire more to the end of Benahavís ”.

At this time, he has ensured that in the area “a lot of aerial means are operating, about 26”And it has been reinforced with“ 4 planes of the Ministry ”, since“ in principle there were 2 ”, as well as “It has been reinforced with helicopters from all over Andalusia.” What’s more, “There are more than 250 forest firefighters and from 24 to 27 from the Consortium with 7 vehicles,” indicated Marmolejo.

“The luck we have is that in the housing part, it seems that this danger is moving away, What was what it has brought us a very worried night “, has qualified.

The President of the Consortium recalled that eThe fire “jumped at 22:44 hours, which is when we had the warning in the Emergency Room by the 112 that we had a fire in Genalguacil and yesWe ally with the endowment of Algatocín, Manilva and Estepona ”.

“We saw that the fire ran at a speed that was tremendous, and from 2:30 it was when level 1 was declared due to the danger posed by the wind, because the fire was very strong from the northeast component and se entered the Forest Hill area and had to remove 400 families from their homes and all that urbanization ”.

For his part, the president of the Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, has indicated that “now unfortunately the wind plays against extinction of the fire and goes to Benahavís and the The forecast is that from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. the force will increase ”.

The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, has indicated that at the moment the municipality is affected hectares of “Mediterranean forest and a wooded area” and trust that the evolution of the suffocation of the fire is “favorable”.

The forecast is that from “13 or 14 hours the strength of the wind will increase”

The councilor recalled that during the night “all the terrestrial media have been working that have been made available, about 200 professionals including firefighters, technicians and specialists ”.

García Urbano has stated that “the work of greater ecological value and greater protection, which is pinsapar, has not been affected”, Although he has qualified that the flames have affected “hectares of Mediterranean forest and an important wooded area”.

The fire has caused the preventive eviction of neighbors in the forest hill area and in the nucleus of Las Abejeras, as well as a gas station on the AP-7 in Estepona. In total, the mayor has indicated that “approximately 300 people have been evicted“And” we have set up a municipal pavilion to accommodate them, at this time only 15 or 16 people have attended because the rest are relocating to the homes of friends and family. “


Likewise, it has detailed that “we have proceeded to cut the roads, the AP-7 at this time it is also cut in the affected area ”and the aerial media have been working in the area since early in the morning, so he trusts that the evolution is “favorable”.

For her part, the Deputy Mayor, Begoña Ortiz, has indicated that at El Carmen Sports Center have attended “5 families from the area of ​​Las Abejeras“, Which are” with I really want to go back to their houses and see how the houses are ”.

Can’t say they’ve had a quiet night“, Has underlined the municipal official, who has pointed out that”the state of restlessness and anguish to see how their houses will be it was latent in their faces, but they have been able to rest and they are hoping that they can open the road to be able to climb ”.

On the other hand, it has ensured that during the eviction of the urbanizations “the cars have been lowering quietly, Unfortunately It is not the first fire we handle and people have behaved really well ”.

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