The local police Mijas has participated in a massive party held on a farm in the locality without prior authorization in which the consumption of ‘laughing gas’ and the attendance of 150 people, most of them minorswhich has resulted in the eviction and arrest of a member of the event’s security team, as reported by the City Council on Tuesday.

The events took place at the beginning of Novemberwhen the agents appeared at the scene after receiving a noise nuisance call that the attendees were causing, where they could verify how the music exceeded the parameters contemplated in the Ordinance of Coexistence and Citizen Security, as well as the regional regulations corresponding to housing for tourist purposes.

After verifying that the majority of attendees were minorsthat alcoholic beverages were being consumed on the premises, and that the security measures were not being complied with, the agents of the Intervention and Attested Unit located the person in charge of the farm in question and subsequently proceeded to evict it.

During this, agents located inside several bottles of nitrous oxideknown as ‘laughing gas’, with the corresponding risk to the health of those attending the event, given that, as the Local Police pointed out, “the consumption of this gas, which is increasingly common at parties of this type, can endanger the lives of those who consume it.

The police action was finally settled with the detention of a personmember of the security team of the event, for refusing to identify themselves, resistance to authority and injuries to officers.

From the Local Police of Mijas they emphasize that they are always available to neighbors and visitors and that they ensure safety in the town at all times, so they remember that before any type of emergency or incident they can make use of emergency telephone number 112 or 952 46 08 08 and 952 46 09 09. The notice will be evaluated and referred to the different personnel necessary according to their type for immediate action.

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