The letter was written A soldier, age 22, on April 21, 1974 from Santurce, when he was doing his military service. The young man announces his girlfriend that they only have 19 Sundays left to be together. Moment after which they will get married “And then always together, you’ll see how happy we are going to be,” he wrote excitedly.

It is clear from their conversation that the bride’s parents did not consider it a good match, since they called him “hippie.” Although he insists in his writing that he has changed and asks the young woman to try to convince her parents that it is a serious relationship.

In another passage of the letter, the young man tells his girlfriend that he saw José Feliciano on TV singing a song from the album that they bought together and sprinkles the letter of continuous displays of love and affection. He says goodbye remembering that they have 127 days left to be together, “Now forever.”

The letter a triage operator found her which was struck by a paper that seemed very old. He rescued it from the tape and pushed it away as he continued his work. When his shift was over, he unfolded the pages and found that it was a love letter. She found it so tender and romantic that she handed it over to the shift manager to keep it. Certainly a isolated incident, given that it is not usually kept written on paper due to contact with other residues that stain it.

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