Firefighting services have found dozens of charred animals, as Francisco Morales, a forest firefighter, explained to Efe. The one that has suffered the most, without a doubt, is wild fauna – rabbits, deer, roe deer, wild boar-, says this firefighter from Pujerra, one of the Malaga municipalities evicted this Sunday because of the fire.

«You got goose bumps when listening to the wild boars screeching among the brambles, burning in the mountains because they were burning, “says Francisco. Since the fire started on Wednesday, this firefighter «he has left his skin “-assure those who know him- to fight against a devastating fire that It has put in check six towns in the Genal Valley.

It is very difficult to describe what it feels like to see “the fire devour what you’ve been caring for and watching every day for years«, Says this firefighter from the mountainous area.

“Impotence” and “grief” are the feelings that reflect his feelings after spending five days fighting to control a fire in which one of his companions has lost his life and that it has burned almost 10,000 hectares of forest.

For Francisco, who knows a mountain range well, it was either “a terrible coincidence” or the person responsible for this tragedy “I had it very well studied to generate a fire of these magnitudes “at light the fire “at the right time and at the right points.”

Another of the most tense moments in his brigade has been lived when several of his companions have seen “with their own eyes” like fire he burned his farms without being able to do anything. Francisco affirms that “the worst is yet to come” and that sadness will seize those who return to the mountain when they find that those pine forests where they sheltered from the heat in summer or that ledge where they ate the sandwich, they are gone.

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