Alert off. He missing child under 15 this saturday in Marbella has been located in good condition. This was reported late in the day from the SOS Desaparecidos association, which hours before had raised the alarm to find their whereabouts.

Sam Asher Iturbe Jabaloyes He had lost track at dawn on Saturday, according to the search alert of SOS Disappeared, in the Marbella municipality.

Close sources specified that the disappearance occurred between half past twelve and two in the morning when, apparently, they went to the room and saw that he had left with a friend who was with him Hours after the photograph and physical description of him were released, the young man was located.

Other resolved disappearances

Just over 10 days ago, another minor disappeared in the province of Malaga, this time, in the town of Antequera. The 16-year-old was located a few hours after the search for him was made public in the same municipality where his track was lost.

And just two days ago, the National Police and the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain (APDPE) located Lucy García Freije, a minor of just over a year, and her mother, patricia Freije Luengo, on whom a search warrant was issued, issued by a court in Lorca on Monday, June 5, for an alleged crime of parental abduction, for which she has been detained, as this newspaper has been able to confirm.

The organization SOS Desaparecidos launched an alert about the disappearance of this mother and her daughterwho lost track in the municipality of Lorca -located in the Region of Murcia- just one day after Christmas, on December 26 of last year, in which they included photographs of both so that any citizen who could have seen them provide information that would allow us to find their whereabouts.

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