The woman who was traveling last Saturday sitting in a bikini on the roof of a car in Marbellaalong the A-7 and through the streets of said municipality, has been fined by local policeas this newspaper has learned.

It happened last Saturday in Marbella. A woman showed most of her body in a bikini outside a vehicle on the A-7. Later, he also did it through the streets of the municipality. Sometimes sitting; others, dancing and greeting those who were in her path. Some stunned drivers decided to record the picture to denounce the situation. The Twitter account Social Drive echoed the event and shared it:

A woman in a bikini sitting on the roof of a moving car📹 Marbella, Málaga#Happy Sunday

— SocialDrive (@SocialDrive_es) June 12, 2022

Although, this is not an isolated case. Yesterday Sunday a man was also recorded on the A-7 committing the same reckless act. Sitting on the roof of a moving car, he waved his arms effusively, in a dancing gesture.

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