The National Police have arrested two men, aged 26, in Marbella for a crime against traffic safety, after skipping a police check in the town of Estepona. On one of the detainees, there were two search, arrest and person warrants in force and three arrest warrants and entry into prison.

The initial events occurred in Estepona, when those arrested bypassed a vehicle control device, fleeing towards Marbella. After a chase down the A-7, the escaped vehicle collided with a concrete block, its occupants undertaking the flight on foot until the moment of their arrest.

In a random control of vehicles, arranged in the town of Estepona in the early morning of Saturday, November 6, the agents proceeded to stop a car occupied by two people. The driver, upon noticing the police presence, ignored the instructions and performed several evasive maneuvers, undertaking the flight through the A-7 towards Marbella, reaching speeds of over 200 km / h.

Agents in civilian service proceeded to pursue the escapees, who, after taking an exit towards San Pedro de Alcántara, lost control of the vehicle, turning the bell several times and finally colliding with a concrete median. The occupants then left the vehicle with difficulty, one of them being intercepted by the officials a few meters from the place.

Since the events were broadcast by the police station, a uniformed patrol on duty joined the search for the other escapee on Avenida de Burgos, in Marbella. The search in the vicinity revealed that the man had jumped into a house, having hidden himself between the hedges of a patio, where he was located by the agents.

Both defendants were assisted by the health services and after their full identification, they were arrested as allegedly responsible for a crime against traffic safety. In addition, for one of the detainees, there were two search, arrest and person warrants in force, as well as three arrest warrants and entry into prison.

The detainees, along with the proceedings carried out, were made available to the Court of Instruction Four of Marbella.

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