The National Police has stopped last October 19 in Estepona two men as alleged perpetrators in a crime of illegal possession of weapons, another against Road safety and another from attempt to agents of the authority.

The agents stopped the driver of a vehicle at a police checkpoint, fleeing, after which a persecution -first in a vehicle and later on foot when one of the occupants fled the car- which culminated in his identification and arrest.

During their escape, the detainees endangered the lives of other drivers, their own and that of the agents, whom they also attacked, causing minor injuries. Inside the car, the acting police found a revolver and 3,280 euros that intervened with the high-end vehicle they were driving.

The events occurred around 5:15 p.m. last Tuesday when the agents had established a police control in the streets Istán and Tolox from Estepona. The police officers stopped the driver of a vehicle who jumped control and fled, causing a chase.

After being intercepted, the passenger occupants were identified and the vehicle inspected, locating the agents a revolver and 3,280 euros. During the arrests, both detainees attacked and slightly injured the officers.

For all this, the occupants of the car were arrested as allegedly responsible for the crimes of illegal possession of weapons, against road safety and attacks on authorities. From the facts he knows the Investigating Court acting as the Estepona Detainee Guard.

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