Second shooting in Marbella in just 24 hours. The National Police investigates an altercation in which, apparently, the allegedly involved would have used firearms. Yes ok, there are no injuries and, for the moment, there have been no arrests either.

The events took place this Wednesday around 12:00 in the Virgin del Rocio Avenue, located in the population center of San Pedro Alcantara. An individual alerted the 112 Emergency Coordination Center of the noise of several detonations, for which several National Police crews were activated, which moved to the scene of the event.

However, when the agents arrived at the scene of the alleged shooting, nothing remained of the scene that had occurred minutes before. There are no injuries and, so far, there have been no arrestsaccording to what police sources inform this newspaper.

The only traces of the shooting, it seems, are a pod found by the Scientific Police while inspecting the area and the impact of a projectile against the car of an individual who was next to a dealership near the scene of the event.

first shooting

This Tuesday there was also a first shooting in Marbella, specifically in the Lago de las Tortugas. Emergencies 112 He received a notice from a person who, although he did not see what had happened, warned that several shots had been fired and, with them, the possibility of someone being injured.

A 24-year-old man of Irish nationality was shot in the side with an entry and exit hole, for which remains admitted to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella with a reserved prognosis.

The National Police is also investigating these events to try to clarify what happened. In this case, there have been no arrests yet.

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