The Minister of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, Javier Imbroda, attended this Friday the act of laying the first stone of the future Institute of Secondary Education (IES) Las Chapas, in Marbella, where it has been estimated that the educational equipment will come into operation in the 2023-2024 academic year, for which more than 6.4 million euros have been allocated.

This was highlighted by the counselor at the event, in which he was accompanied by the mayor of the city, Ángeles Muñoz, lthe delegate for Education, Mercedes García Paine, and the director general of the Andalusian Public Agency for Education, Manuel Cortés.

“This act symbolizes the beginning and we give the starting signal to this project, that if everything goes normal, andn the 2023-2024 academic year it will already be in operation”, The counselor has underlined, who has valued that “Marbella needed to solve these deficiencies that it had”.

Imbroda has highlighted that during these 3 years the Andalusian Government has carried out “53 performances in Marbella with 16 million investment” and that in the province of Malaga they reach 368 with 166 million euros. Of these, he specified that “125 are already finished, others are finishing and others are in different stages of processing”.

The mayor of Marbella thanked the investment made by the Junta de Andalucía in the city, that “required the commitment and sensitivity that you have shown”, as well as providing the municipality “with the necessary equipment and infrastructure”.

In this sense, Muñoz highlighted the 12 million earmarked by the regional administration to build the institutes of Las Chapas and San Pedro Alcántara or “3 million to remodel obsolete facilities”.

For his part, Cortés recalled that IES Las Chapas will be a centered with four lines of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and two of Baccalaureate, which represents a total of 620 school places distributed in 480 and 140 respectively. The new building will be located on a plot of 11,761 square meters near the Costa del Sol hospital and will have a total built area of ​​5,391 square meters.

The budget will include “the first parts of the procedure, the geotechnical studies, the drafting of the project and the physical execution of works and equipment” for “more than 6,434,000 euros”he specified, while stressing that the new institute “will end with 12 prefabricated units in 6 modules” located in Xarblanca.

The center will also have in the area of Secondary with 16 multipurpose classrooms, two unfolding classrooms, two for support and pedagogical reinforcement, two Music classrooms, two workshop classrooms, two laboratories and two Plastic and Audiovisual Education classrooms. Likewise, there will be a specific Special Education classroom that will have an adjacent toilet adapted for students with special needs, equipped with a shower and space for a stretcher.

For the teachings of Baccalaureate there will be four multipurpose classrooms, a split room and another for support and pedagogical reinforcement, three laboratories, a Drawing room, another Technology room and a practice room. The center’s teaching area will also have a library, 10 departments, a gym and changing rooms.

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