Employees of the Traffic Subsector of the Malaga Civil Guard, Following the publication of a video with great repercussion in social networks, in which a woman showed most of her body in a bikini outside a vehicle on the A-7 has proceeded to locate and investigate the driver of the vehicle for a crime of reckless driving.

In the video you can see the circulation of a vehicle on the A-7, as it passes through the town of Marbellawhose occupant was sitting on the sunroof of the vehicle.

After the steps taken, he was located and identified the driver of the vehicle, a 32-year-old male, proceeding to the investigation of proceedings and his investigation as the alleged perpetrator of a offense against road safety due to reckless driving, punished with the penalties of imprisonment from six months to two years and deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for more than one and up to six years.

From the development of the investigation it has been detected that the vehicle traveled for at least three kilometers on the A-7 motorway with the user sitting on the roof, with the obvious risk of projection and fall towards the outside of the vehicle of the same in case of braking search movement of the vehicle typical of traffic, without the driver taking any measures to avoid the risk situation .

Also, at the useralso identified, has been formulated Complaint for violation of the General Traffic Regulationsor for improper behavior in traffic.

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