The Association of Emerged Breakwaters of Marbella has proposed this Tuesday that the City Council assumes the drafting and execution of the project of stabilization of downtown beaches of the city, which have been left out of the projects processed by the Demarcation of Coasts for more than 5 years, according to the group’s board technician, Antonio Belón.

Thus, he has defended that the Consistory present the coastal stabilization project and “hire the execution of the jetty What remains to be done in the area of ​​La Venus, San Ramón and in this way, process it once it is done”.

With this, he has valued that “we we save having to put out to tender who does the project”, since “If we go ahead and present it ourselves, we will have cut the tour a stack of monthswhich is what we deal with”.

“It’s more cheap for the City Council to disburse the cost of a jetty than paying every time a storm falls fixing the beaches”, Belón has opined, an assessment that he has made after the cost of 1.2 million euros that the Consistory has spent on a emergency contract to clean up the coast for Easter after the last storm of lifting registered in the month of April.

About the execution of beach stabilization project of the city center, has stressed that the City Council, “like any administration, would put it out to tender -public-“, and therefore, would have “the same legal guarantees as Costas, but with more bureaucratic speed since it depends on the plenary session of the Consistory the consignment in the budgets of that money”.

For his part, the vice president of the Association of Emerged Breakwaters, Paco Claro, has assessed that if the municipalities were given “the possibility of carrying out studies, in a period of In 5 or 6 years we would have breakwaters and decent beaches”, so you have asked Costs that “be clear”.

The representative of the collective has lamented “the state of the beaches of Marbella”, while criticizing that “in other places such as the Costa Brava or Levante have made the breakwaters that in their day they also took away from them, and that we can’t have here”.

“We have some unfortunate beaches on the Costa del Sol and in Marbella, where we live from tourism,” said Claro, who has questioned “why does it cost so much to make some type of investment” in the area and that the Ministry leaves out of the stabilization projects the more central beaches such as La Venus, San Ramón and La Bajadilla.

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