Agents of the National Police have recovered a caravan that was stolen in Estepona five months ago. and, in addition, they have identified the alleged perpetrator of the robbery, a resident of Malaga capital. The vehicle, valued at 28,000 euros, was stolen in December 2021 in that town of Malaga when it was parked on the street.

As reported by the provincial police station in a statement, the suspect would have gone to Estepona to steal the caravan that was parked on public roads, in a not very crowded area of ​​the town.

This investigation, carried out by agents of the Police Station of that town, began when they learned of the theft of a caravan in December. The owner reported the theft of his high-end caravan, valued at 25,000, plus 3,000 euros of the goods.

The exhaustive analysis of all the information obtained, both at a technical and audiovisual level, has allowed the researchers locate the vehicle used to hitch the caravan and steal it.

After numerous investigations carried out to determine the alleged perpetrator of the events, the agents have managed to identify a person who could be the alleged perpetrator. According to the investigations, this person would have moved the caravan to a remote area of ​​the capital, known as The Fresnedawhere would have hidden the caravan under an awning.

Once the agents confirmed that the located caravan was the one stolen in the month of December in Estepona, they located and took a statement as the person under investigation but not detained. Behind this, the vehicle has already been delivered to its rightful owner.

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