The Impulsa Ciudad formation has developed this weekend a reforestation along the bed of the Guadalpín stream in Marbellawhere more than 70 trees and bushes have been planted to improve an area of ​​great ecological interest, to raise awareness among the population and as a protest against the continuous felling being carried out by the Marbella town council in the remodeling works of its streets.

Thus, the party has denounced this Monday the “null activity against climate change” of the Consistory and has lamented that it “continues to cutting down new trees as has been the case in Doha Street, where the works of the new car park have begun despite the fact that he promised the neighbors that they were going to transplant”.

The activity carried out last weekend consisted of the planting of more than 70 trees in the Guadalpín stream, one of “the areas with the most ecological interest in the center of Marbella and which has a some degradation due to urban harassment to which he is subjected and due to the lack of care for his environment”.

Impulsa Ciudad has organized this activity “in opposed to the continuous felling that this government team has been practicing in the remodeling works of certain streets such as Trapiche Avenue, Notary Luis Oliver, Miguel Cano, Antonio Belón, etc”, criticizing that all this is taking place “in a climate change context where trees are more necessary than ever to mitigate the consequences of this challenge that humanity faces precisely because of its own activity”.

In said reforestation, there has been talk of “the great benefits that trees provide and native species such as poplars, carob trees, cork oaks, cornicabras, mastic trees or pines have been planted in an activity to raise awareness and knowledge about a space with high ecological value due to the existence of botanical species of great interest such as willows and ferns or Mediterranean island forests with the presence of gall oaks and strawberry trees”.

From Impulsa Ciudad they have urged the municipal government to “have a proactive role in combating climate change where the protection and conservation of the urban green fabric it is one of the main resources that exists to mitigate the effects of climate change, enhance urban biodiversity and improve our health and where Impulsa Ciudad reminds us that the City Council acts in the opposite direction”.

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