The City Council works on the renovation of the automatic irrigation and the landscaping of the avenue
Prince Salman with the goal of halving water consumption. The Councilor for Parks and Gardens, Diego López, has detailed that the action contemplates an investment of 170,000 euros and is scheduled to end before December.

“The work contemplates improvements in the lateral planters, where the irrigation system that runs through the tree pits is affected each time replacement or new planting work is carried out, causing damage to it due to a poor original design of the network” , has indicated the mayor, who has
also pointed out that “we will opt for the installation of 1,800 square meters of artificial grass”.

Likewise, action is going to be taken in the central planter, “where we are going to solve another of the recurring problems in the area, since, as there is no sectorization of irrigation, any breakdown means that the entire system, which is one kilometer long, is affected. of length”. In this sense, “we are going to bet on dividing it into two sectors, in addition to the
placement of a remote management team, with 10 repeaters that will distribute the signal along the route of the avenue, and with 11 programmers for the automation of the system”, he indicated. It will also be equipped with 15 hydrants and almost 4,000 meters of drip pipe.

“Once the irrigation renovation work has been completed, the more than 2,000 square meters of the planter will be filled with 400 cubic meters of topsoil, in which a total of 18,135 units of plants and shrubs will be planted, with species such as pitósporo, loropétalo, tulbagia or gaura”, the mayor specified.

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