Charo called his health center in Marbella on May 25. I had been with severe stomach painsShe was scared due to the family medical history – her mother had recently died of colon cancer – and so she asked her doctor for an appointment for a full analysis. The answer was overwhelming: “That will take at least three months”Her doctor told her, but Charo, dumbfounded, didn’t quite believe it.

“I was stunned, but I thought … it won’t be so much,” he explains today to AZ Costa del Sol. However, unfortunately for her, the doctor was right. It was not until last September 3 that he was finally given an appointment to undergo the diagnostic test, three and a half months later.

“It is a shame that there is such a waiting list simply for an analysis, they have abandoned us“Charo denounces today outraged by some delays that forced him during that waiting time to resort to private health to get the analysis.

“As I was still in pain I had to go private. In the analysis it came out that I have occult blood. Now I don’t know if I have a stomach ulcer or something worse. I have asked my doctor at the health center to send me to the digestive but if the analysis has taken three and a half months … Imagine the specialist! ”, Denounces Charo.

The Andalusian Medical Union He already warned this summer of the dramatic healthcare situation in Primary Care centers with long waiting lists to get an appointment. According to the union, the average wait to get a first date it rounds between seven and ten days, reaching peaks of 15 days. In addition – they assure – “the 45-50 percent of average of the consultations have been closed in these months by vacations and without substitutes”.

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