One of the groups of tourists who yesterday visited the municipality of Mijas it will take time to forget the experience. And not only because of the tourist attractions that they possibly enjoyed, but because of a more particular episode that they experienced inside an elevator, in which they remained trapped until the firefighters were able to rescue them. There were thirteen people who had to be helped after getting on a elevator with capacity for eight and 350 kilos maximum. “The limit was exceeded,” municipal sources explain to this newspaper, who have not specified how long they were inside.

It happened this Sunday around 3:30 in the afternoon. A notice in the 112 Andalusia Health Emergencies service warned that several people could not leave one of the panoramic elevators which are located in the Virgen de la Peña square in Mijas Pueblo.

The elevator was stopped on the first floor. I was blocked. Until there they went, in addition to members of the Local Police, technicians responsible for maintenance, but all attempts were unsuccessful. It was necessary to intervene mijas fire brigade, that with the necessary tools they were able to fracture part of the video glass that functions as a structure to be able to keep the occupants safe. One by one they went outside. All of them were unharmed. “That was enabled with air machines; there was no problem,” they point out.

Sources consulted underlined the dangers that entails exceeding the maximum weight marked in an elevator. From the City Council they indicated that both the limitation of people and the number of kilos allowed, as stated in the regulations, were correctly signposted. After what happened, they “coordinated all areas to see what happened and who participated; the usual in any procedure ”, affirm the same sources consulted.

The elevator, which allows visitors to go up from the Plaza Virgen de la Peña to Avenida del Compás, thus improving accessibility to the historic center, It is one of the great attractions of the town.

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