A minor who lived among rubbish in his house in the Malaga town of Estepona has been rescued and has become supervised by the Junta de Andalucía after an operation in which the Police Unit Attached to the Autonomous Community has arrested the father, police sources reported to EFE on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper Sur, the 14-year-old boy had been living poorly for years between mountains of garbage and I had to sleeping on a furniture counter because it was the only place where a small hole could be made among the rubbish. In that corner she prepared something similar to a bed to lie down every night and a neighbor alerted the authorities of the situation, after which Social Services and the Minors Prosecutor’s Office they entrusted the investigation to the Unit of the National Police Corps Attached to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

The minor lived with his father and his grandmother and the piled up garbage bags exceeded the height meter in some rooms of the house, where there were also more than twenty dogssome with illnesses and serious infections, whom they did not usually take out on the street, so dirt accumulated everywhere.

The property had been around for a long time. no water or electricity supply and the boy, who managed to feed himself with a sandwich or some sweets, attended the institute with little cleanliness, the Malaga newspaper specifies. The minor explained that, from one day to the next, his father began to bring home garbage bags that they found on the street.

Agents estimate that the teenager could have at least five years living in a extreme precariousness and in unfortunate unsanitary conditions, but the case has not been detected so far, a circumstance that the authorities will also investigate.

According to the newspaper, the social services had tried to contact the family and visited the house, but no one would open the door for them and they had given the father a period of time to normalize the situation, which did not happen. Upon receiving the first report, the Prosecutor’s Office requested the Child Protection Service to decree the provisional abandonment of the adolescent, who has entered a center and recovers from what has been experienced in recent years.

The father has been arrested for an alleged crime against the duties inherent to parental authority and for a crime of animal abuse, while the grandmother was not arrested, although she appears in the proceedings as investigated. After the police intervention, the operational services cleaned the house, from which a large amount of rubbish was removed, and removed the dogs to be treated at the animal health park.

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