The Local Police of Marbella ha rescued two loose horses who ran runaway on the highway A-7, at km 1042, as it passes through the municipality of said town in Malaga. The agents had to escort the animalwho had no rig, to the nearest exit of the motorway with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of both horses and drivers.

The horses that had escaped from a nearby farm, they were galloping along the aforementioned road, crossing on both sides of the highway, changing the sense and direction on several occasions, which caused a total collapse of the road in both directions, since it was Sunday, after 1:00 p.m., full rush hour to head to the beaches from the Costa del Sol or the holiday destinations of hundreds of drivers.

But thanks to the actions of an agent with expertise and experience in horses, at that time he was at his post in Room 092 and upon hearing the statement he immediately left Headquarters for the place to be able to collaborate with his colleagues. Upon arriving at the place, he verified that they were intervening with the two animals and that was when they proceeded to completely cut off traffic on the highway. There was no accident to regret. The Traffic Civil Guardwhich has jurisdiction over the road, took charge of correcting the possible infractions committed by the owners.

Other animal rescues

A few months ago, members of the Provincial Consortium of Firefighters (CPB) of the Malaga Provincial Council intervened to rescue a horse on a private farm in the Malaga municipality of Benaojan.

The animal was trapped after its fall into a ditch where his paws had been caught by a watering rubber. Thus, after the maneuvers, the equine was released unharmedas reported by the Malaga Provincial Council.

It is not the first time that the Consortium Firefighters have to intervene to get an animal out of trouble. Many will remember the case of dog that fell down the Tajo de Ronda in 2021, from a height of 20 meters. Miraculously, he saved his life, thanks to the fact that a briar patch cushioned his fall.

Members of the CPB went to the scene and one of the firefighters went down to where the animal was located, which was in good condition, to carry out the rescue and to be able to bring it up with a harness.

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