Two underage girls have been rescued by agents of the National Police in a house in Puerto Banús, since they were supposedly being held by five young people who had weapons. They have all been arrestedaccording to police sources.

The events took place last Sunday morning in Marbella, around 5:00 a.m., when a young woman alerted the investigators that her friend was in a house with several men and that in the place there were weapons. In this way, agents of the National Police moved to the building.

Upon arriving at the house, the police located two girls, both minors, and arrested five young, one of them breaking his ankle after falling from a wall while trying to flee from the agents. In addition, a pistol and a submachine gun were found in the house, which turned out to be simulated weapons, and a machete and a knife.

The police investigations indicate that the girls coincided with the young men in a nightclub in Puerto Banús and that all voluntarily agreed to go to a house located near the premises, where they were consuming alcohol.

A murky story has ended this Sunday with five young people detained, each of a different nationality, after the possible sexual assault on a minor and another 20-year-old girl who could have been drugged.It all started at dawn on Sunday, after five in the morning. The National Police received the notice of a 16-year-old girl from Puerto Banus: A friend her age had just called her, she was crying, she was very nervous and disoriented.

Though The world anticipated that the rescued young women could have been allegedly drugged and that a possible sexual assault could have occurred, the sources consulted by this newspaper assure that there is no evidence that the girls were victims of any crime of a sexual nature. This is supported by the hospital where they were assisted and their own demonstrations. For now, the police investigation remains open until the facts are fully clarified.

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