The Marbella Local Police ha arrested six people allegedly linked to watch theft high-end products in two operations, in one of which they recovered three pieces valued at more than €50,000. Two of those arrested have search and arrest warrantone by a court in Hospitalet de Llobregat and another by the Mossos de Escuadra, while two others carried letters of False identity.

The first police intervention took place ten days ago, when a civilian unit that carried out surveillance service, in a special high-end watch theft prevention device, observed a vehicle, a gray Honda Jazz, with four occupants who They park in the immediate vicinity of an establishment. The agents followed up on the individuals and observed that they were engaged in monitoring people who left the aforementioned premises and wore high-end watches. The police verified that one of them was in charge of the identification of possible victims, while two others walked about ten meters away waiting to act.

After a few minutes, one of the individuals noticed the police presence and warned the other members of the group in Arabic, who immediately went to the vehicle, got in and started the march. The agents followed the tourism and managed to stop it shortly after, proceeding to request the documentation of the occupants. Those arrested are MB, 37 years old, born in Algeria and residing in Barcelona, ​​on whom a search, arrest and appearance request weighs in the Court of Instruction number 4 of Hospitalet de Llobregar; MRCh., born in Rousillon in 1987, and carrying a completely false identity card from France; KB, 31 years old, born in Faumont (France) and domiciled in Paris, whose identity card also corresponded to a forgery, and MR, born in Morocco 30 years ago and with no known address, on whom a search warrant, detention and personification of the body of Mossos de Escuadra by robbery with violence and intimidation.

The second police action took place at dawn yesterday, when other agents attached to the high-end watch theft prevention unit were carrying out a civilian surveillance service and discovered a Yamaha motorcycle on Alfonso de Hohenlohe boulevard with two occupants who had been circulating the night before They had been detected in the Puerto Banús area wearing both black helmets, gloves and balaclavas and that when they noticed the police presence they left the area.

One of the perpetrators was riding a motorcycle and fell to the ground

On this occasion, the agents stopped the individuals, who ignored them, carrying out several elusive maneuvers to try to escape and they did not stop their march until they were passed by the police vehicle. Once one of the agents got out of the car, the driver hit the motorcycle against the agent intentionally with the aim of hitting him and running away, but the police force dodged it and the driver lost control of motorcycleboth occupants falling to the ground.

The driver was immediately arrested after the fall, while his partner gave one of the agents a shove and he began to flee on foot towards the beach, although a few meters later he was intercepted by another unit of the Local Police as he was leaving a garden area where he had hidden the helmet and the jacket he was wearing. The detainees are KN, 29 years old, born in Jersey and residing in Barcelona, ​​and AK born in 1992 and of Polish nationality. In the operation the agents three high-end watches from the Rolex brand were involved whose global value exceeds 50,000 euros. Those arrested and the rest of the proceedings were turned over to the National Police Corps.

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