The population center of San Pedro Alcántara will add 23,000 square meters of roads and 337 parking spaces in the eastern zone with the urbanization of about 60,000 square meters located next to the central Oriental avenue, which will have residential use, as announced this Friday by the deputy mayor of Sampedreño, Javier García.

The mayor has informed today of the works that are being undertaken on the floorsadjacent to the Trapiche de Guadaiza and the Ronda highway, by the owners in collaboration with the Hidralia company, concessionaire of the water and sanitation service in the municipality.

“It is a plot that had a project approved for three decades and whose development has been unblocked”, said the councilor, who indicated that the works will be carried out in different phases “to reduce the inconvenience of an action of this magnitude”.

The mayor, who has been accompanied by the Hidralia technician Paula Martín-Lomeña, has detailed that once he has the urbanization of the interior area of ​​the URP-SP-8 sector has been completedthe works will focus on the connection of the separate pipes for stormwater and sewage, water supply, telecommunications, electricity and lighting with the general network of the municipality.

Access to Avenida Oriental is closed to traffic

For this reason, he explained that since Tuesday and for a month and a half, access to the urban center via Oriental Avenue, only in the entrance direction, will remain closed to traffickeeping circulation enabled on this road for the exit.

Thus, it has detailed that drivers will have access to the urban center as alternative routes the Ronda roadat the height of the industrial estate, and the avenue louis braillejust like him burying of the A-7 for westward travel. “It is a much-needed action to continue building the city,” said the mayor, who recalled the qualitative and quantitative leap that the development of land in the southern extension entailed.

In this sense, Martín Lomeña has assessed that the project “regardless of the benefit that it entails for the sector itself that is being urbanized, hydraulically solves historical flood problems in the rainy season in areas like Fuentenueva”.

Likewise, it has noted that “it has been decided to attack the infrastructures in the direction of entry because it has double the traffic than the exit one”, while stressing that “in the area there is a school and an institute, so it has been determined that on these dates when there is no school year the condition will be less, since the seasonal population is concentrated especially in the southern zone”.

Finally, García has advanced that a later phase, pending the definition of the traffic alternatives and the calendar for their execution, will imply the complete remodeling of the first stretch of Avenida Oriental, which will have two lanes in each direction and a roundabout that will distribute traffic to the boulevard and José Illescas Pavón de Fuentenueva street. “The ultimate goal is to transform this road, one of the main ones that gives access to San Pedro Alcántara (Marbella), into a friendlier and more habitable area”, pointed out the mayor.

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