The Sierra Bermeja today faces its third day of fighting the fire with almost 5,000 hectares burned, 1,054 residents evicted and all eyes on him very important pinsapar de Los Reales. A unique natural setting that could have been affected tonight by the flames of this dangerous and highly complicated “sixth generation” fire.

Sources close to the operation explain to AZ Costa del Sol that indeed the fire would have already reached part of the extension that these centenary trees occupyHowever, we are still awaiting official confirmation.

More than 250 professionals by land, with 14 heavy vehicles and 3 units of heavy machinery They were able to join the extinction work last night -after the delay in operations that posed the risk of explosion due to the pyramid. Until this morning they have been especially focused on that right flank of the saw to prevent flames from spreading uncontrollably. Llamas that have been seen better than ever from the town of Estepona throughout the night and that forced evict 40 people more in the area of ​​Los Quiñones, south of Cuesta de Ronda in Estepona (Málaga), in prevention of the fall of crayfish.

With the light of day, the air means take control of the operation again. 17 aircraft are in operation since early in the morning, although there are up to 41 available to be mobilized. Today’s session – in which Level 2 alert is currently being maintained – is expected to be somewhat more optimistic than yesterday’s, since the east wind will blow, a little more humid than the one in the west.

(Image: Juan Canales)

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