A man has been sentenced by the Provincial Court of Malaga to a total of thirteen years in prison for kidnapping and torturing a man in Mijasof Swedish nationality, whom he finally killed with seven shots at his home located in the town of Malaga.

The defendant did not act alone, Other people who could not be identified participated. in the case and before meeting with him and another person who was also kidnapped, they had decided that they were going to end his life, according to the sentence, to which EFE has had access.

For that purpose and following a preconceived plan, around 4:00 p.m. on August 17, 2018, the accused and the other unidentified persons made an appointment with the victim and his companion with an excuse that has not been proven and were transferred to the home of the accused.

Once there, they held the victim by the extremities, beat her and tried to suffocate her, in addition they shot him with a firearm until he died.

Behind the autopsy It was determined that in addition to seven gunshot wounds He had blows, punches and attempted strangulation, as well as puncture wounds in different parts of his body.

That same afternoon, they also tied up and mistreated the companion of the victim who was stabbed multiple times with a large knife but after the attack and badly wounded he was able to flee and after jumping a wall he entered a neighbor’s garden and asked for help. Health services saved his life.

Before celebrating the jury trial Four more people who were investigated in this procedure reached an agreement with the prosecutor after acknowledging that, although in different ways, they had a subsequent relationship with the accused and were aware of the crime.

Because of this, in the judgment Each of them is also sentenced to two years in prison for the crime of concealing the murder.

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