Old Summit it continues to release its fire, its lava, its magma tongue that remains latent after 23 days. La Palma is suffering all the consequences of this unstoppable advance that has left many palm trees homeless and without business, people who never thought they could experience something similar. But what would happen in the municipalities of the Sunshine Coast if they lived exactly the same situation that is lived, at present, in the Canary Island?

The lava that descends through the volcano already occupies a total of 471 hectares Of surface, 40.6 in the last hours, and as specified in this illustrated map, most of the municipalities costasoleños they would disappear completely if the Cumbre Vieja volcano had erupted in their territories.

The surface of the lava on La Palma is what is represented in yellow on the map. In the case of Marbella, the comparison occupies almost the entire municipal term, so that, from Las Albarizas, through La Carolina and ending in El Vicario, the lava would engulf almost the entire Marbella town.

Comparison of the lava surface in Marbella.

Estepona I would follow the path of Marbella. The affected part would be from Valle Romano to Estebuna, passing through the polygon and finally reaching the town, also in the central area next to the beach.

Comparison of the lava surface in Estepona.

For its part, San Pedro de Alcantara, it would also be seriously affected. Part of its population would lose their homes due to the lava and magma tongues, since, as we can see in the later image, the heart of the city would be burned, reaching other areas such as Nueva Atalaya and Guadalmina.

Comparison of the lava surface in San Pedro de Alcántara.

Manilva and Benahavís They would not have the same “fate”, and that is, they would disappear in their fullness. At least, the epicenter of the towns. In the case of Manilva, the lava would reach part of Sabinillas.

Comparison of the lava surface in Manilva.

The palm trees are experiencing very harsh consequences of this volcano that is erupting. Heartbreaking stories such as those young people who relentlessly pick bananas all day long, who hang the “pineapples”, as they are called in the Canarian territory, of more than fifty, sixty or seventy kilograms that they collect to try to save the harvest. One that is probably useless as a result of the smoke and ashes that continually fall as a modus operandi of this well-known tongue of magma and lava that descends on the island.

The large size of the island of La Palma means that not its entire population has been affected. In the case of the Costa del Sol, if the Cumbre Vieja had erupted in the territory, the towns would practically disappear entirely.

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