The remains of Carlos Martinez Haro, the 44-year-old firefighter from Almería who died this Thursday while working on the extinction of the Sierra Bermeja fire, have already been buried in the strictest privacy. This INFOCA agent was father of two daughters ages 6 and 9 and served at the Dalías checkpoint, which in turn belongs to the CEDEFO (Forest Defense Center) of Alhama de Almería.

Natural of Sculpting, one of the three nuclei that make up The Three Villas (Almería), was a forestry agent and eventually worked for INFOCA during the months of greatest fire risk. He had six years of experience as a firefighter. At present he lived in Aguadulce (Roquetas de Mar).

In his hometown he had a 6,000 square meter farm where he cultivated organic vegetables, mainly tomatoes and squash. Even the compost he used came from manure produced by his neighbors’ herds.

Those who knew him assured that he was also a nature lover and defender of the Andalusian mountains. His death has caused great consternation in his hometown, Las Tres Villas, where his city council has decreed three days of official mourning.

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