He circuit promoter go-karting which is projected on the Camino de Pajares de Mijas, José Yherla -which borders the Los Pacos de Fuengirola urbanization and which faces both municipalities-, has defended the “removable” character of leisure equipmentjust as he has assured that he will install an “alternative system” for sanitation and water supply.

The noise and light pollution that could cause future equipment in the area, its connection to the Fuengirola sanitation and water network or the questioning of whether it meets the characteristics of removable or not are the main obstacles that have raised the residents and the public administration against the project.

The initiative has thebuilding license from the Mijas Town Hall” as the plot meets the municipality of Mijas, but adjoins the district of Los Pacos de Fuengirola, which began “at the end of October” and is expected to be finished for the start of the summer season, has indicated the owner in terms of processing, which adds up to “4 years”. In addition, it has the environmental authorization of the Junta de Andalucía, Therefore, only the “opening license” is pending to be requested to start the activity, he added.

Yherla has explained that the go-karting will be built on a plot with a surface of “about 27,000 square meters” and will have “an investment of 1.1 million euros”, whose disposition places the circuit of kars to the right of it, which will be the element that occupies a greater extension with “900 meters of track”. Its location is the opposite of the houses in the Los Pacos urbanization, which are to the left and on the lower edge of the land, he has indicated.

As he has detailed, in front of the houses a “container modules” will be installed for offices or the sale of tickets and just behind this block “tents” will be placed as a “parking” for the kars, while the vehicle workshop will be in front of the houses on the right wing, also with “iron modules”. Likewise, there will be another “with 3 sinks”. Behind this apparatus will be located the track or circuit of karting, has said.

Yherla pointing out the location of the houses.

Yherla pointing out the location of the houses.


Maria Jesus Serrano


One of the main complaints that revolves around the go-karting It is precisely the noise pollution that cars can generate once the circuit is in operation, which has been generated by the conformation of the platform ‘Stop karting Los Pacos’as well as the rejection of the Fuengirola City Council, which has filed contentious administrative appeals such as the works license and the environmental authorization of the Junta de Andalucía.

In this regard, Yherla has indicated that the cars that will be used in the circuit are of the “rental” type with “Honda four-stroke engines”, which potentially has referred to “it is the minimum” compared to the kars of “competition”, with engines “of two times and from 100 to 250 cubic meters” and that “do make noise”. To this, he added that before starting the processing of the project, a test was carried out with a “sound detector”, as well as “the exhaust pipes are going to be changed” for some “specials” to “show that they do not bother” and each car It will have an added “muffler” in addition to the one that it has incorporated.

In this sense, he has pointed out that the houses “are more than 100 meters from the track”, since it has defended that less than this distance will be “the booths or the land”. According to the installation of light towershas indicated that they are in the project, but it has not yet been determined if they will finally be installed, as well as has pointed out that the go-karting it will close “at 10:00 pm in summer and at 9:00 pm in winter”, although the claim is to “act with sunlight”.

The promoter has regretted that no one from the platform “has come forward here” to find out about the initiative, assuring that the controversy arose as a result of a protest carried out on social networks by “a man who had had a car of competition” and that said that these cars “make noise”. “I cannot afford the luxury of letting anyone with those engines into my house,” she stressed.

On the refusal of the Fuengirola City Council to give the authorization to connect the go-karting to the sanitation and water supply network of the municipal term, has specified that The company has an “alternative system”, ensuring that the plot, which has been leased to a private party, has “own well that guarantees sanitary, analyzed and drinking water””, while there will be “a septic tank” with “waste collection by a company” with respect to residuals.

The plot on which the karting circuit will be located.

The plot on which the karting circuit will be located.

The plot on which the karting circuit will be located.




Yherla has defended the “provisional” nature of the circuit go-karting, and has indicated that the company “has paid the corresponding fees” required by the Mijas Town Hall to “dismantle” the asphalt from the track once cease activity and electricity pylons if they are finally installed, while it has affected the appearance “removable” from the rest of the elements that will make up the complex as “container tents and booths”.

On the other hand, he has regretted that the Fuengirola City Council has rejected the project, when in the roof of a shopping center in the city has a go-karting of similar characteristics, and that as he has indicated, the vehicles that will be used in the new space will have the same characteristics, emphasizing that the area is surrounded by “buildings and hotels” and that he has never received a complaint about the noise of the kars.

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