After 11 years missing in combat, the gastronomic days return to the International Fantastic Film Week of the Costa del Sol with a program that will host in 2021 the XI Gastronomic Days, from September 7 to 11.

From the hand of prestigious chefs, the public will be able to enjoy this very original initiative, where cinema and gastronomy will mix in the kitchens of the establishments Legends, in Benahavís, and Take a Wine and La Boquerona, in Estepona.

Throughout the history of cinema, wine and its pairings, culinary arts and spirits have starred in a multitude of scenes, from celebrations to conspiratorial meetings, intimate moments or loneliness.

The gastronomic days within the International Fantastic Film Week of the Costa del Sol began in October 2000 by the hand of the gastronomic critic Enrique Bellver, always linked to the central theme of the festival. First at the La Sal restaurant, and then at the now-defunct AGH hotel, we got to know the witches’ cuisine, the inquisition, the future or the haunted houses.

This year, the cuisine of the West will be the protagonist according to the central theme of the festival: the “weird western” or fantastic western. In the letter there will be no ‘Spaghetti Western’, the ‘Seated Bull’s Tail’, ‘The Good, the Ugly and the Bad’, as well as an authentic Texan buffet, without forgetting ‘La Diligencia’, the dessert created expressly for the festival.

Tasting of whiskey and sarsaparilla

In these XI Gastronomic Days, they will also have a professional sommelier with whom they will go through the history of whiskey and its relevance in western taverns.

Attendees will be able to taste different types of American ‘bourbon’ whiskey, and for the abstainers, sarsaparilla, the non-alcoholic concoction considered the Coca-Cola of the old West.

Tuesday 7: Legends, in Benahavís

A new concept in Benahavís with an international menu created with passion by its owner, chef David, with 16 years of experience in the management of bars and restaurants. Seven years ago he opened his first store in Benahavís, and in 2019 he moved it to a new location with more space, where he can offer better treatment to his clients, whom he considers “a great family.”

Every Sunday they serve their legendary homemade ‘Sunday Roast’. The place has giant screens to follow all sports live, and a wide variety of select drinks.

In these gastronomic days it will offer the best of the mexican and texan food (tex-mex), as well as an authentic Texan buffet with its characteristic wings, ribs, fajitas, chips or salads, among other delicacies.

It is located in the Avenida Andalucía, 7. Reservations can be made by calling 952 85 62 63.

Wednesday 8: Take A Wine, in Estepona

The temple of the wine culture in Estepona and the best place to taste, talk and live an unforgettable experience around good wine. Rich and differentiated gastronomic offer with products from La Rioja, Bulgaria and England. Exclusive wines with the best live music.

  • Tapas and wine pairing, with white, red, sparkling and sweet wines.
  • Gilda: Skewer named after the famous movie, consisting of manzanilla olives, three pickled piparras and an anchovy.
  • Ranch: Typical western dish consisting of beans, lard, hot chilli peppers and spices.
  • Spaghetti western: Delicious spaghetti with anchovy sauce, black olives and tomato sauce.
  • Sitting Bull’s Tail: Cordovan-style oxtail and mashed potato.
  • The diligence: Exclusive dessert created by Obrador Los Remedios for the International Fantastic Film Week of the Costa del Sol.
  • American Bourbon Tasting: Three varieties with honey, with apple and with chillies; and for the abstemious of the west, sarsaparilla.

It is located in Plaza Manilva. Reservations can be made by calling 618 92 41 92.

Thursday 9: La Boquerona, in Estepona

Malaga gastronomy with a sophisticated touch and made with local products and fish. Specialist in rice dishes, and a wide variety of tapas, fish and meat. A different restaurant with impressive views of the sea and the mountains, and an excellent value for money.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Oxtail croquettes, shrimp croquettes, mushroom croquettes.
  • The 7 Magnificent Fritos: Fried anchovies from Estepona.
  • Andalusian Whiskey: Andalusian gazpacho with vegetables from the garden.
  • Comancheras pancakes: Shrimp pancakes.
  • Lance Sioux: Prawn and scallop skewer with citrus vinaigrette. First course:
  • Ajoblanco Tabernas: Mojama, ajoblanco and grapes. Second course:
  • Memories of Blood: Braised veal medallions with vegetable sprouts and broken potatoes sautéed with rosemary.


  • Drunken stagecoach: White chocolate with red berry drunk.
  • American Bourbon Tasting: Three varieties with honey, with apple and with chili peppers; and for the abstemious of the west, sarsaparilla.

On calle Flaminio, 2, in Valle Romano. Reservations can be made by calling 952 76 01 50.

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