The National University of Distance Education (UNED), through its Senior program, will teach between the months of November and April a course on finance aimed at people over 55 that can be followed online from the Marbella headquarters. Under the title ‘There is no age for finances. Learn to talk to your Bank ‘, the training, given by the professor at UNED Málaga and head of Applied Economics at the University of Málaga, Francisca García Lopera, will include a total of 30 teaching hours per subject.

The objective is to offer knowledge on topics that interest this population group in order to improve their quality of life; provide learning and strategies for integral development and personal autonomy and favor communication through interpersonal relationships and intergenerational encounters.

The registration period will be open until November 11 or until the places are filled. The application will be made through the web, with a cost that ranges between 100 euros for ordinary enrollment and 50 euros for UNED students, people with disabilities and people over 65 years of age.

This activity allows the student to participate with face-to-face assistance, in the center of Malaga, or direct online assistance, from home or from the Marbella classroom, located at the Hospital Real de la Misericordia.

The UNED-SÉNIOR is aimed at people over 55 years of age, regardless of their academic training, interested in enriching their knowledge. The methodology focuses on the specific characteristics of the way of learning of the participants, taking into account that they do not learn only from teaching, but also from experience. In each subject the centers of interest are identified taking into account the motivations and needs of the participants.

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