The Civil Guard has dismantled a criminal organizationhe dedicated to marijuana cultivation inside a luxury home in Mijasin the ‘Alert-21’ operation, with three detainees and in which intervened 711 marijuana plants and 36 kilos of buds. The drug was later distributed to other European countries.

The research began in the town of Mijas when the civil guards of the main post of this municipality had knowledge of the existence of a luxury home located in an urbanization and that was being used for the marijuana cultivationthey have explained from the Civil Guard in a statement.

When the agents made the housing register They found several plantations in almost all the rooms of the same, being a production intensive farming of this drug for which the criminals guaranteed various harvests throughout the year.

The culmination of this operation has been able to determine that this criminal group was dedicated to the cultivation, processing and transport from marijuana to other European Union countries.

Members of the criminal organization leased luxury real estate using fictitious personal data. A member of the group was in front of the laboratory whose mission was to supervise and maintain the plantation, at the same time that he carried out surveillance tasks.

As a result of the operation, the arrest of three people of Spanish nationality and residents of Mijasacting judicially against two others as investigated, all of them for the alleged commission of crimes against public health, electric power fraud and belonging to a criminal organization.

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