A 25-year-old young man has been arrested by the National Police and has been imprisoned by court order for having robbed three times in ten days a game room in San Pedro Alcántarapopulation center of marbella. The arrested person is also attributed two other robberies with violence in a supermarket and a tobacconist, as reported by the Police in a statement on Monday.

the robber used a firearm in two of the events, while in the rest of the cases he appeared to carry a concealed pistol in his clothes, and thus achieved a loot of about 5,000 euros total.

The first two robberies were perpetrated at the end of December and the beginning of January, against a supermarket and a tobacconist, respectively. In the food products establishment, the assailant took advantage of closing time to break into the business and threaten the employee with a firearm, taking a booty of 530 euros. For his part, at the tobacconist, with a very similar modus operandi, he had allegedly intimidated the manager and took the collection, another 640 euros.

More recently, between April 27 and May 6, the suspect would have robbed the same game room three times, located in San Pedro Alcántara. With the hand hidden in the sweatshirt as if carrying a firearmaggressively demanded that the employee give him the box.

Panicked, the victim entered the offices with the assailant and handed him the money kept in a safetotal 1,860 euros. In subsequent days, on two other occasions and under the same pattern in his behavior, the assailant carried out two new attacks in the game room, obtaining loot of 910 and 895 euros.

The investigations carried out by the agents led to the identification and location of the suspect, a young resident in Marbella. It has not been easy to identify him, since he used a cap and mask.

In a search of the detainee’s home, investigators intervened a cap, some slippers and other clothes used in the assaults. Agents also seized five grams of cocaine. The competent judicial authority has ordered the arrest of the detainee.

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