The National Police have arrested three occupants of a vehicle in Marbella whose driver tried to evade the presence of a patrol with evasive maneuvers. In the tourism registry, the agents found a 22LR caliber percussion pod and a 22LR firearm in slippers. As a result of the intervention, the driver of the car, a 33-year-old Spanish citizen, was arrested for his alleged involvement in a crime of illegal possession of weapons; Another of the occupants, 24 years old and of Colombian nationality, was arrested after having a current legal claim related to a crime against road safety; the third of those implicated, 33 years old and of Colombian origin, was arrested for violation of the Immigration Law, as he was illegally in the country.

The events occurred days ago during the afternoon service of a patrol attached to the Local Citizen Security Brigade of the Marbella Local Police Station. In the town’s Prado Avenue, the agents detected a tourist that raised their suspicions when the driver began several maneuvers that avoided the encounter with them.

Given these events, the agents proceeded to stop the vehicle in order to identify its occupants. Thus, they verified that one of them was in an irregular situation in Spain, confirming to another a search, arrest and person inserted by the judicial authorities in reference to a crime against road safety.

Continuing with their inquiries, the patrol carried out a thorough examination of the interior of the car and located a struck-down 22LR pod on the ground at the rear. Immediately afterwards, the agents found in the car, hidden in sneakers, a firearm and, in addition,, 89 cartridges of the same caliber, proceeding to the arrest of the owner of the vehicle for illegal possession of weapons.

For all these reasons, the suspects were transferred to police offices in order to carry out the appropriate procedures and be presented to the judicial authority.

In addition, two of those involved were also proposed for sanction for alleged violation of LO 4/2015 on Protection of Citizen Security for carrying a knife and for possession of narcotic substances, respectively.

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