The Carlos Cabezas pavilion in Bello Horizonte, in Marbella, is hosting the physical tests of the last call for provision of places of the Local Policea process to which 1,200 opponents have been presented, of which about 500 participate in this first phase, as reported on Tuesday by the councilor for the branch, José Eduardo Díaz.

The mayor has indicated that “it is an initiative that responds to the commitment of the government team of reinforce template and respond to the needs regarding the security of our citizens” and has specified that “a total of 23 agents will be selected through the free shift, to which another 5 mobility will be added, coming from other destinations”.

At the same time, Díaz recalled that “at the beginning of the legislature we launched a renovation plan that, once it ends, will have meant the incorporation of 66 police officers and 40 commanders, also guaranteeing internal promotion”.

The mayor has specified that “it is a complex and very demanding processwhich will take place over three months, and includes the current physical tests and later the exams that will evaluate the theoretical-practical knowledges, psychotechnical tests and a medical examination that will end the opposition phase and that will allow the entry of new agents to the Marbella Local Police academy to complete their training for nine months.

He also stressed that “our goal is for the body has the best professionals and continue to provide it with all the necessary material and technological resources so that it can provide an optimal service in the municipality”.

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