The National Police has dismantled a retail drug sales point in a house in the Las Albarizas neighborhoodin the Malaga municipality of Marbella.

Agents have arrested at the head of the illicit business a woman and a man38 and 42 years old, for his alleged responsibility in a drug trafficking crime.

Also in the Registration carried out in the building, 77 pieces of cocaine and another 28 of heroin, 2,240 euros and a precision scale, among other effects, have been intervened, as reported in a statement by the National Police.

The researchcarried out by agents of the Local Judicial Police Brigade of the Marbella Police Station, began with information that pointed to the sale of narcotic substances at a home in the Las Albarizas neighborhood.

Thus, continuing with the investigations, the researchers verified a significant transfer of buyers who came to the property to acquire doses of drugs, carrying out a dozen drug arrest warrants for this purpose.

In the diligence of entry and search of the home, the agents arrested a couple at the forefront of the illicit activity and intervened 77 packets of cocaine, 28 doses of heroin, 2,240 euros and a precision balance, among other effects. Those arrested were placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court number 3 of Marbella, together with the police report.

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