The National Police has two men arrested in Marbellaaged 28 and 35, for his alleged responsibility in the “Wild and brutal” attack on a resident of the Marbella town of San Pedro Alcántara66 years old, who reached break the nasal septum to rob him.

The victim was attacked by the assailants, who they punched and kicked, causing, in addition to the fracture in the nose, contusions in one eye and the chest wall. Those investigated, who have been imprisoned for these eventsthey also threatened two kiosks with a knife in a new assault, but this time they did not get any loot as the injured managed to flee.

The events took place days ago in the population center of San Pedro Alcántara, in Marbella. A man in his sixties was injured after being approached at dawn by two strangers, which were used to shock him in a surprising way, fracturing his nasal septum and causing contusions to one eye and to the chest wall, among other injuries. The authors of the robbery snatched the belongings that he kept in his pockets.

A notice to 091 alerted to what happened. Quickly, a patrol in service went to a health center where the victim was being treated, to expand information on the events. The patient was referred to a hospital in Marbella due to the entity of the injuries that it presented

Curiously, in the ambulatory, the agents entered also in contact with two newsstands who had just been approached by individuals with similar characteristics to the previous case. This time, the assailants displayed a knife to intimidate the victims.

In this state of the investigations, the facts began to be investigated by the UDEV of the Local Police Station of Marbella, whose agents initiated the investigations for the total clarification of the facts. After the checks, the investigators were able to identify the suspectswho have numerous antecedents for acts of the same nature.

Finally, agents attached to the UDEV arrested the suspects for their alleged participation in two assaults, charging them, in addition, with the violent robbery of a vehicle, at the end of Decemberto a foreign citizen, on Caravaca street in Marbella.

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