The National Police has arrested two men aged 24 and 37 in Marbella (Málaga) for their alleged responsibility in the crimes of drug trafficking and bribery.

Those arrested were surprised in the parking lot of a well-known local nightclub with different types of drugs in their possession, in addition to 10,000 euros in cash, which they offered to the agents to allegedly evade arrest.

The intervention of the Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) of the National Police occurred within the “operational plan for police response to retail trafficking and drug use in areas, places and places of leisure and entertainment”, they have indicated from the Police National in a statement.

In this context, the agents proceeded to identify the occupants of a vehicle that tried to evade the police presence in the parking lot of a popular nightclub in Marbella.

Thus, continuing with the investigations, the agents proceeded to inspect the vehicle and the belongings of the passengers. As a result of the diligence, the agents seized eight grams of pink cocaine -tusi-, 25 grams of cocaine, 18 MDMA pills, 1.7 grams of marijuana and pink pills apparently containing a narcotic substance, in addition to 10,000 euros in cash, 300 pounds, 200 dollars, seven cell phones and the vehicle itself.

Finally, the driver and his companion were arrested for their alleged involvement in the events after trying in vain to bribe the officials.

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