Two menaged 24 and 29, have been arrested by the National Police in Estepona as allegedly responsible for a robbery with force in a municipal establishment. When they were surprised behind some bushes, the agents found among their belongings money – national and foreign currency – and a metal rod, type esprat, with which they would have forced the window of the premises to gain access to it.

The events took place this Tuesday, around 03:15 am, on Nueva Atalaya street in the town. A crew from the National Police was commissioned by the 091 room to the scene before a alleged robbery with force in a restaurant.

Upon arrival, the patrol observed how one of the windows of the establishment was open, being informed by the owner that, after viewing the images of the security cameras installed inside, a person had accessed the premises, subtracting the cash register.

At the same time, several police vehicles patrolled the vicinity of the place, including a camouflaged vehicle, whose members surprised two individuals hiding behind some bushes. During their identification, the agents verified that the physical characteristics, as well as the clothing, fully coincided with the data provided by the owner of the establishment.

Given these facts, the police proceed to arrest him as responsible for a crime of robbery with force. Those arrested, together with the instructed police report, have been placed at the disposal of the judicial authority.

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