The National Police has arrested two men, aged 36 and 34, after being surprised while allegedly selling with bottles of nitrous oxide, better known as the gas de la riesa, for private parties in Marbella.

The arrest took place in the early hours of last Monday. The suspects were caught in a Puerto Banus service station when they have just dispatched a laughing gas canister to a third person, who had contacted them after receiving an advertising card on the beach offering the dispensation of this substance.

The police action allowed intervene 14 bottles of laughing gas1,500 advertising cards, 6,500 euros in cash and bags of balloons and nozzles for the dosage of nitrous oxide, have indicated from the National Police.

The police action was carried out in the early hours of Monday by plainclothes agents of the group of nights of the Police Station of Marbella. The agents detected three men in a suspicious attitude at a service station in Puerto Banús and also witnessed how they carried out a transaction of a bottle in exchange for money.

Police warn that this drug can cause fainting, dizziness and drowsiness, even death

After the first steps of identification, the police verified that one of those present was the buyer, who would have contacted the other two people -supposed sellers- when receiving on the beach a business card offering the sale of nitrous oxide for private parties.

Continuing with the investigations, the agents carried out a search of the vehicle that the suspects were driving, locating 14 bottles of different volumes with a total weight of 10,765 grams of laughing gas inside the car. 1,500 advertising cards in which these products were offered for sale, 6,500 euros and several bags of balloons and nozzles for dosing the substance.

For all these reasons, we proceeded to arrest of two men, aged 36 and 34as presumed responsible for a crime against public health, in addition to the intervention of all the effects found in the vehicle.

a dangerous practice

The National Police have recalled that nitrogen oxide, which has recently become a popular playful drug, it is a colorless gas with a sweet and toxic smell, with a numbing and dissociative effect. This substance can produce euphoria, feeling of well-being and intoxicationprolonging its effects for a short period of time.

The administration of this gas is done inhaled, with a new form of administration being the aspiration of the content of the inflated balloons. Breathing this gas can cause lightheadedness, dizziness, and drowsinessarriving in high doses to cause fainting and even death.

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