two companies have presented their offers for the construction of new health center in Las Chapas, in Marbellawhich will be located on Calle Hacienda, next to the future municipal swimming pool, and which will have eleven consultation rooms, five waiting rooms and more than 500 square meters of surface area.

The mayor, Angeles Muñozwho has reported that the expected execution period is eight months, has emphasized that the district will be provided with an infrastructure “absolutely necessary to meet the demands of the citizens of the eastern part of the municipality, which until At the time, they only had an office in the Mayor’s Office itself”.

The councilor recalled that the municipal commitment was that this was going to be the mandate for the facilities, a point at which she recalled that in health matters The new health center on Ricardo Soriano Avenue is already underway o The expansion of the Nueva Andalucía clinic will soon be put out to tender.

“Unfortunately, Marbella dragged a historical healthcare deficit for the abandonment of the decades of socialist government at the head of the Board”, lamented the first mayor, who thanked “the enormous sensitivity and close collaboration between administrations that we are experiencing with President Juanma Moreno, which is allowing us to provide to a city like ours with health services that are up to the task”.

For his part, the Councilor for Works, Diego López, who pointed out that the bidding budget of the works is of 841,247 euroshas detailed that the facilities will have a constructed area of ​​527 square meters and a useful area of ​​385 square meters on a single floor, “although with the future possibility of expanding in height”.

Four of the eleven queries they will go to family medicine, as many to nursing and the rest will be for paediatrics, social worker and midwife. Likewise, the health center will have an admission area and critical rooms, a maternal/multipurpose room, five waiting rooms, a warehouse and a seating area for professionals.

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